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Make an image change based on options chosen in a select field

Hi there

I have a client who wants to have a main image change, depending on when a certain option is chosen in a select field.
(kind of like how Amazon does when you select a laptop screen size for example - such as in the link here:

Basically there is around 8 different images that can be shown depending for this product I am building. The images include: Model and the Amount of Monitors required on this form on the website.

There is an image for each option - which I have in a multi image field within the CMS , which has relevant alt tags that can be read when the certain parameters are selected - hopefully which should be able to change the image that shows depending on what fields are selected.

However I am struggling to get this working or think of a way to get it to work without further custom code - has someone ever done something this before ?

I cannot use Webflow E-commerce for this project due to its current limitations with regards to VAT and Taxes for the UK market.

But getting this feature to work has been a bit complex, so I’m seeking outside help just Incase anyone has any ideas please :slight_smile:

EDIT (07-10-2020)

Solution has been found thanks to the brilliant work by Josh Bartolomucci @ Foxy (Y)


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