Need Javascript help

I posted recently about a similar issue but switched out the code I was using.

I implemented the following code:
on my webflow site here:

Read-only link (ignore the view all page as I started trying to use a filter plugin with no success):

The problem is, instead of showing (for example) Collection1 OR Collection2 OR MetalType1 OR MetalType2, I need it to show Collection1 OR Collection2 AND MetalType1 OR MetalType 2, etc. Didn’t know how to group each category together.

My brain is SO fried after working on this for days and any help is appreciated.

Seems like you want to do something like this

There are isotope tutorials on this forum which you can search for.

@samliew Yes I have followed those tutorials and even spoke with the staff member who created them, but even she said what I’m trying to do is a bit complex so I reverted back to my original script in hopes it would be easier to figure out. The issue was I was needing to do a combination of 2 tutorials together and they don’t match up (checkbox filtering tutorial AND the dynamic filtering tutorial).

I’ve been working on this for days with no success.

The original script is not suitable for this. If you require custom development you can hire me to re-code this for you from scratch.

Awesome, yeah I may take you up on that. I am waiting to hear back from a friend, but what is your availability looking like in the next couple of days?

I just filled out the form on the link you provided :slight_smile: