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Filtering dynamic collections cant make it work

Kia Ora guys,

I have begun building an online store which will require quite alot of products in different categories and sub categories which will require a filtering system.

I dont have experience with javascript so i followed an example in a previous post which i have been strugling with : Isotope Search & Filter + Webflow CMS

This would allow me to filter a main product range in my case “hiveware” into the different categories in the collection “hivewarecategories”

Here is my read only link: THE EXAMPLE IS ON THE HIVEWARE PAGE excuse all the stock photography its very much a wip :slight_smile:

I have 6 different product ranges so will require 6 sets of categories so am wondering if this would even work in my case? Would appreciate some help or even some suggestions of different filtering integrations which would be more suitable.

Thanks for any help