Need help with some modifications

Hello everyone,

I hope you are doing well.

I need help with the pre-load animation, on how to edit it, I’m not finding where I can edit it.

Read-only link :

Another thing that I need your help with is, how I can add one space in the “About us” page, of the Frequently Asked Questions to make a separation between those sections.

Lastly, I wanna ask what can I do to delete/remove 2 rows of my grid on the “Projects” page. When I tried to delete it said"Cannot delete the last row"

Please if anyone can help me with this I will be grateful.

Thanks a lot.

Hello Matias,

The elements for your preloader are found in the Placeholder component. However, the animation is controlled by the page trigger interaction called Placeholder Load:

The easiest way to increase the space between the FAQ section and the section above (company section) might be to add margin bottom to the company section as so:

I would be careful adding margin-top to the FAQ section as it’s a component which is used on multiple pages.

Regarding the grid on your projects page - this is a collection wrapper. It’s pulling items from the CMS to display on the page. If you just want to show less items on the page you can limit items shown in the collection wrapper as such:

I hope that’s helpful,


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Hey Dave!

Wow! That was helpful i appreciate your support.

It only remains to me one question that I couldn’t change.

How can I do to change the image of the Placeholder Component ( The Pre-Load Page LOGO )

And should I change this one at everypage or there is a way just to replace this Pre-Load Logo at once for every page?

Once again, thanks for all your support and patience, you helped me a lot.


Hey Matias,

No worries glad that was helpful!

You can change the preloader image (the logo) by drilling down into the Placeholder component.

In this example I first change the display property of the Placeholder component to block so that you can see what is happening:

Now you’ll see that the logo is actually made up of two seperate images; V1 & V2. This allows them to be animated as seperate entities:

You can change either of these images as usual by clicking on the gear icon and selecting another image.

Since placeholder is a component you will only need to change one instance and it will change across every other instance of that component. That’s a fundemental property of Webflow components.

Hope that helps,



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Hey Dave,

Sorry for bothering you again with this, I already changed the V1 and V2, and the V Image is the logo in letters, but if you can check the logo is too far from the letters and the logo is separated, do you know how can I fix that?
I’m testing but it doesn’t look too good .

Thanks again for your patience and support Dave.

Sorry, I forgot something, and the logo and the letters are too small, if you please can guide me on that I will be grateful.

Thanks again

Hey Matias,

There are a few ways to move elements around the canvas in Webflow.

One of the easiest is by using margin which is located in the spacing tab.

Here I close the gap between the logo icon (placeholder Image 01) and the logo type (placeholder Image 02) by changing the margin-left and margin-top of placeholder Image 02 as follows:

Image sizes are typically controlled in webflow by specifying a width and allowing the height to be generated automatically. If you find that increasing the width isn’t causing the image to grow it’s likely because a div block surrounding it has a fixed width (or height) which is restricting the size of your image.

In this example I set the width of V1 and V2 to 50px and removed the height from Placeholder Image 01 (as this is restricting the size of V1 and V2 and isn’t needed):

Next I increased the width of V Image to 400px but again this won’t change as it’s restricted by Place Holder Image - so I changed that to 400px width as well:

After this the only change left to make is closing the gap and aligning the icon and logo letters by the method I described above. Here I chose the following configuration to align them:

The result of these changes was the following look:

Of course you can play around with all these settings untill you get things looking just how you want them!

Hope that’s helpful for you Matias :slight_smile:

All the best,


Hello Dave, how are you?

I hope you are doing well.

Dave, I have some last questions and then I hope I finish the site :slight_smile:

  • About the loader animation: Is it possible to fix the separation between the 2 pieces of logo pieces?


  • How can I change the class of the button to replace the button in the project cards? This colored button is one of the blog articles “View live project”

  • When you select a blog article, the bottom shows you projects that are not posted, how can I replace them with one active one?

Copy of Growth Medias (

  • How can I add the media links on the footer Icons:

  • I can’t replace this information on the Contact Page


Lastly, it’s there any possibility of uploading imgs / svgs with +4.000 kb? Because they lose a lot of quality

And that’s all my friend, I want to say thank you very mutch, and ask you if it’s there any possibility to give you a excellent review, let me know please because you helped me a lot.

Regards Dave.

Sorry for bothering you Dave, I forgot about something, on the blog page, I made 12, and I don’t know when I replaced them they disappeared.

Sorry, and about the logo, it’s there any possibility to center it?