Help with design to finish the site

I hope you are doing well.

Dave, I have some last questions and then I hope I finish the site :slight_smile:

LINK : Webflow - Copy of Growth Medias

  • About the loader animation: Is it possible to fix/remove the animation, I tried to hide the full animation, and the site has a little delay right now.
    (Placeholder animation)Placeholder image V1-V2 - V Image (Hidden), I want to remove the Pre-Loader or Hidden but avoid the site delay if possible.

  • Right now on the page “About us” It disappear the animation that has the another page in of the headline :

  • How can I change the class of the button to replace the button in the project cards? This colored button is one of the blog articles “View live project”

  • When you select a blog article, the bottom shows you projects that are not posted, how can I replace them with one active one?

Copy of Growth Medias (

  • How can I add the media links on the footer Icons:

  • I can’t replace this information on the Contact Page


*On the blog page, I added 12 blogs, and right now only 9. Is it possible to fix this?

And that’s all, if anyone can help me with this I will be grateful.

Thanks, everyone.


  1. To remove the animation you need to go to the Interactions tab on each page and remove the Page trigger interaction of the loader animation.

  2. To change the class of the button you just need to select the Button, go to the style selector in the top right, click into it, and then hit backspace to remove that class from the button. Or you can hover the style, click the arrow dropdown, and then click Remove class.

  3. Currently all of your Projects are Published so to prevent unfinished projects from being shown, you should navigate to the project in the CMS and click on the arrow next to the save button in the top right and select Save as Draft to unpublish the items that are not ready yet.

  4. To edit the links in the footer icons, click on the icon, then click on Footer Media Link in the navigator panel or in the breadcrumbs in the bottom.

With the link selected, you can click on the blue settings gear next to the class name or go to the Settings tab in the right sidebar and configure the URL.

  1. To replace the text on the Contact page, double click into the text box and you should be able to type in the text you want. They are also links so make sure to configure the link settings in the Settings tab or by clicking the gear icon next to the class name when you have it selected.

  2. The Blog is only showing 6 because there is a limit set on the Collection List. Make sue you select the Collection List 2 element, go to the Settings tab in the right sidebar, and remove any Filters from the list that you don’t want, and then uncheck the box that says Limit items.

Hello Caitlin, how are you?

I appreciate your help on that, you helped me a lot, but right now I have one mistake.

-I just removed the loader animation, and it has a little delay when you charge another page.

-And another thing, can you tell me if it’s possible to center the logo icon in the nav more?

  • How can I edit the titles of the pages in the SEO?

  • Is there any main place to edit the fonts of the big titles?

-Lastly, I have one question, is it possible to upload SVG with more than 4.000 KB?

I am waiting for your response, thank you.

  1. To fix the delay on the elements that animate in, you’ll have to tweak the timings manually in the interactions panel. You can find the interaction by looking in the Page Trigger section - on the About page it is the second one - About page load. Clicking on this will open a menu of all the animations.
    Find the animation you want to edit (About page load) and then click the settings gear next to it.

    Then you can multi select the elements which have similar timings and decrease their delay.

    If you’re unfamiliar with interactions I suggest watching the Webflow University videos on them.

  2. To center the logo icon in the Nav, you’ll need to export a new logo image that is cropped tighter to the logo itself. Right now the extra white space is built in to your image so no styles applied to the wrappers will affect how it looks. Once you have a square image uploaded for your logo, you can apply Flex to the Brand link wrapper that contains the image and then Justify to the center.

  3. To edit the SEO page titles, you need to go to the Pages tab in the left, hit the settings gear when hovering your mouse over each page, and then edit the Title there.

  4. The fonts of the big titles will have to be edited one by one for each class. So you’ll have to select a Text Block with a Heading 02 class and change the font there, and repeat for all the text styles. This will be easiest to do on the Style Guide page which has the text styles laid out for you for this purpose.

  5. Webflow has a 4 MB limit for images so I don’t think you can upload an SVG greater than 4,000 KB which is equivalent to 4 MB