Need help with smooth scroll section linking

Hi guys,

I cannot get this to work. No matter what I try the navbar covers to top of my sections when scolling to the in-page anchors.

What do I do wrong?


Hi @Tomas_Coox, just wanted to check if the issue with the nav section linking was solved? I looked at your published site and it seems to be working.

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Aah, thanks for stoppin by. :slight_smile: I forgot to post the “solution”. There was no solution. Turns out that it behaves like that if I use the same browser for both main admin and the public site. I think it has to do with that extra space at the bottom for the CMS. :slight_smile: Maybe something you guys can look into. :smile:


Hi @Tomas_Coox, just so that I understand, are you saying it is working on the published public site, but not when logged in as the CMS content editor?

To help explain, can you take a screencast or screenshot of the section when it is not aligning correctly?

Currently for me, the section linking and scrolling to sections on your public site seem to be working, are they working for you?

Correct! The glitch only happen when I’m logged into the CMS Content Editing. AND…also when I’m logged into the designer and tries to watch the public site in another tab. Chrome.

I use Safari now for the public site and it’s working perfectly.

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