Horizontal scrolling / overflow problem

Hi all,

First post, and my first week with Webflow. I was having a great time until encountering a problem today which has me absolutely tearing my hair out. If anyone can assist, I’d be extremely grateful.

I’ve been following the Horizontal scrolling interaction tutorial but have found that on publish, my horizontal section (beneath the background video) either:

  • Doesn’t scroll through the content outside of the viewport if I set Overflow: Hidden, as per the tutorial
  • or, enables left/right scrolling on the entire page if I set Overflow: Visible

Obviously neither outcome is right, but I’ve compared my version with the tutorial clone side-by-side and can’t work out what’s going on.

Read-only link below, thanks!

EDIT: The interaction looks janky in Preview due to custom code, so here’s a publish link.

Here is my public share link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/flashback-prototype-281b55ef01856426223?utm_source=flashback-prototype-281b55ef01856426223&preview=8d355dec0a9f4880a731cde26bcfa905


Did you add the custom code in the last step of the tutorial ?

Cant see that in your share link but i cant add it to see if it worked

Gr Argogiant

Hey, thanks for the reply!

I did yeah, but double-checking that was my first thought too.

do you have a live link of the published site you could share ?

Sure. I cloned it so I can show both versions:

This one has Overflow: Hidden on t-container (as per tutorial), which clips the content in my section.
This one has Overflow: Visible, which wrongly enables horizontal scroll on the whole page.

Delighted to be able to help myself on this occasion:

For anyone else sleep-deprived enough to get stuck on this, or similar, make absolutely sure you’re targeting the right element with your interaction.

I had my horiz scroll pointed at ‘Scroll Track’, not ‘Track’.

Cheers, see ya!

You found it nice :slight_smile: have been looking but were way to tired last night, but happy that you found the problem, kept bugging me I could not find it :stuck_out_tongue: