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Need help with pop up modal please

Hi there everyone!

I’m new to Webflow, and would really appreciate some help!

I am trying to set up a pop up modal like in this tutorial, but I ran into some issues:

  • The form in my pop up modal is much longer than the form in the tutorial - how do I go about making the form float as I scroll down?

  • The form isn’t responsive on mobile devices. The size is still the same and it doesn’t move as I scroll down (same question as above). How should I go about fixing it?

  • I want to add in another interaction on the form, question “Enquiry Type – two options: New Business loan, Broker partnerships”; I want the next question “Loan amount” to only show if New Business Loan is selected above. How should I go about this?

Here is my campaign preview link.

And a Loom recording to explain the issue I’m having.

Thanks so much.

Welcome to the community @ltran!

I went ahead and recorded a quick video covering your questions and how you can go about making the changes necessary on your project:

The thread covering disabling page scrolling while a modal is open can be found here, and the stackoverflow article covering conditional visibility based on dropdown selections can be found here.

Hopefully that helps :+1: