Help with modal/popup

Hi, I recently built a website for a client. It’s the first time that I create a modal/popup on page load. My client emailed me this morning and said “I have a few customers complain that they can’t close the pop-up. I checked on my PC and there is an “X” in the upper right hand corner. I checked on my phon and the screen is so large that they are forced to fill in their contact info to get off that page. Any way we can fix that?” I have it working good on my iMac, iPad and iPhone 12 Max. Could anyone give me some advise on what I should do to fix this problem? Thank you in advance.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - Go Green Lawn Care)
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Also on a my iPhone 12 Max, when I go to fill out the form it’s not letting me scroll to the submit button. How can I fix that too? Thank you.

Since there a lot of fields in the form, what if you created a separate landing page for it since it’s a promotion you’re running. This would shorten the popup window and give people a better experience when filling out the form.

Good morning Nelson. Thank you for the reply. I like this idea. I’m going to contact my client about the landing page this morning. Big fan of your PixelGeek videos on YouTube. You’ve taught me a lot over the last 2 years. I appreciate all you do. Thank you.

My client said that sounds like a great idea. Thanks again Nelson. Have a great day!