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Need help with my Logo and mobile page width styling


One issue I am having is that on the Website mode for the first page the logo is appearing to be smaller than on all the other pages? Also when I click on the second page (About us) the mobile view comes in at half the width of the page until scrolling further down and then goes full width.

Website link -


Hi @freddieanderson94, thanks for the post!

Could you help and share the read-only lnk to the site, so that we can take a look :slight_smile:

Also, if you could share some screenshots, that will also help :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!


See read only link here -

<img src="//" width=“281” heigh


So the first image shows my logo being smaller than it should be on the home page, the second screenshot shows the page itself being smaller. This happens until I scroll down the page.



Hi @freddieanderson94, thanks for your patience. I took a quick peek and it seems that there is some differences in styling on the Brand link between the Home Page and the About page, where on the home page, the brand link gets the Current class (because the link is pointed at the home page).

On the home page, the brand link is 23% width, but on all other pages, the link is set to auto width, and this may explain the differences in the logo size. I have made a quick video:

On the page being only half width until you scroll down the page, I was able to view the behavior on the About page, it seems to be caused by overflow on one of the paragraph classes, I would check that class.

I hope this helps!

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