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I have a question about the responsiveness of the site i’m trying to build. When viewed in the mobile view, everything seems to work fine. Even the published site on my desktop looks good, when I minimize the window. However, when I open the published link on my iPhone 6, everything is overlapping and isn’t working. Does anyone have any suggestions they could offer for me to correct the problem?

Here is my public share link:

Here’s the published site:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


The biggest thing I noticed was that you have set the heights of all you sections to 100% this means that when the screen height is short, like on an iPhone, the section will be short. When the section is short and the content is long the content has to overflow which causes the overlapping stuff you are seeing.

At a minimum you will want to set the height to auto on the mobile versions of the site.

Hope that helps :smile:

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Hey @AlexN,

Thank you so much for suggestion…It worked!

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