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Need help with hover and header text colors


On my aboutus page I have a section called “how we work with you” which has 3 col’s with a div with a hover status, when you hover over them the background changes orange and the text changes colour to white, well its suppose to. The text block changes colour fine but the headers don’t seem to change?

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Your TEXT “Understanding your business” (H4 Circle Headers) has a hardcoded color of #454545.

If you remove that… it defaults to the parent font color #333… just the paragraph text below it.

Thanks that worked! so can I not use #454545 as the text colour before the hover?

no. There doesn’t seem to be a way to provide a color for a specific child element when the parent element is affected… which is what you want. It seems to be a “global affect”. This can be done via jquery… but not within wf that I can see.

I tried to create an interaction instead… but unfortunately - with interactions - you cannot change the font color (that I know of - maybe someone else knows how to).

Basically… with an interaction… you can trigger an affect onto a different element. It doesn’t have to be a child or a sibling. It could any element… but you are limited to what controls you can perform on the affected element.

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