Change color of H2 on hovering div

Hello guys!

Is there are way to change the color of H2 text inside the div on mouse hover?

Thanks a lot!

Yep. Change the hover state text color. Click the div, in the selector click hover under the “states” option (see image). While you have hover checked, change the text color.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, i know that way but nothing affects the color change, color is changed in sidebar, but not on text…

i’m talking about section with 3 columns with icons and that H2 title

So you are wanting to hover on the large (column) div and then have just the H2 text color change?

well then click the H2, choose “hover” and then select a hover color for your headline …

i want to hover on link block (just one column) and on hover change the color of H2, Разработка сайтов :slight_smile: hop eu got it

I suppose you mean, hover the div and change the h color. So yes.

But the color has to be inherited.

So you must give the default font color to your div, and your H2 must NOT be styled with a font color. Then , it will inherit its default color from the div.

Now, set the hover color, and the H2 should get it.



Yeah man, u are strong as always! Big respect!

Ahhhh. Been trying to figure this out and this looks like my solution but I dont understand how to give the default font color of your H2 to your div?

Will you please explain?

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