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Drop down nav text colour on hover


I have an issue with my navbar drop down menus, when I hover over normal navlinks the text color changes fine. However when I hover over the drop down nav menu the text color doesn’t change. The only way I can find is to add hover over the drop down text its-self but then it will only happen when its over the text which doesn’t look right.

Is there a way around this?

Hope I explained it well lol

Best regards,

Anyone got some suggestions?

Hi @Matty Sorry for the delayed response.

Try deleting your text in your dropdown menu, then add a text block back in. It seems as though you made the text a link. You don’t need to do that.

This gif may help:



Thanks for the reply, I made the changes you suggested which sort of works, now when the drop down menu expands and you move down to select, the text colour will change, is it possible to make it stay white? or change the background colour when not hover?

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