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Need help with element grid styling

Element “grid” contains many inline-blocks. “grid” has text align center but elements don’t place to center. I tried do make display settings Flex center but it didn’t help. How to center it? This one not working here How to center elements

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hello @As_Gen

Are you’re referring to this here?:

Nope. I’m about HOME tab.
This is how it looks in designer (centered and OK)

but this how it looks on the web

checked both latest chrom and firefox

Have you tried these settings?

Yeah, it’s still the same…

I noticed that you’re not using containers or anything, maybe if you add auto alignment to the “grid” div block for both sides would help.

I tried it, didn’t help

Hi. Add publish URL to test this. On webflow its works fine.

Out of topic “group” links:

Also learn flexbox her :slight_smile:

In general for very simple layouts use columns (easy):

I suspect this is due to you not having any constraints on the “grid” div as well as the “element-item”, therefore, it will behave differently in different platform, as well as different screen dimensions. My suggestion would be to re-build this using flexbox or column. Since all your images are of the same size and the lightbox the same style, so I think the easiest way to build this is to use column. Go ahead and try using a 5 column layout and see what happens! Hope this helps

I tried to change display settings for “grid” and for “element-item” - didn’t work.
I figured out that option “wrap children” doesn’t make effect to mobile portrait view (it makes effect in designer but not on the website). I’m guessing it’s the same issue. Any ideas why it’s happening?

check please “gallery” tab in my project

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