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Tablet view changing

Hi webflowers;)

Generally speaking about GALLERY tab on my site. When open GALLERY on tablet firstly I see that:

as I designed it
but after a second or less the screen changing to that:

The issue is that the element grid with combo class “tablet” has display settings flex but it acting like a block.

publik share link:

did you want all of your thumbnails in 1 row or multiple rows? Also, what tablet are you using? Here is what i see on an iPad Air 2 with Chrome:

I use ASUS tablet with android and my screen absolutely the same. I want it like in disigner - one row with scrolling.

I changed style, because there is no any solution… So I forgot about scrolling (what’s a pitty) and made it like that:

as you can see elment Grid has justify: center. But when I open site on mobile it’s displaing with justify: start.
When page just loaded grid centered for a second or less and than moving left a bit.

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