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Image Grid Help

Hi everyone,

I don’t want to use a CMS but want to create a grid with images that links to static pages. Screenshot 1 is how I’d like it to look sans CMS and Screenshot 2 is where I’m at and not able to replicate without creating a CMS container…any help is much appreciated, thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I think this is probably some flexbox setup…sorry new to Webflow

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@wmostafa12 Time to go to webflow school! i am/was also new to wb and website building… and have learn much from the tuts… they pretty funny as well… but many many hours of watchn and trying out… step by step…iterating and stackn what you learn. from one newbie to another… what your after looks pretty basic… id start right at
and if your as clueless as i was dont skip around… they lay it all out and @webflow staff if great!

You’re so right. Thanks for the encouragment, heading over now!

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Hi @wmostafa12, your public share link doesn’t work, can you please edit it ?

Shouldn’t be to complicated to fix this, no worries,
@zbrah me when it’s done

@zbrah hey man - sorry for the delay. I think I got it? can’t tell, but if you’re still open to taking a look here’s the read only -

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hi @wmostafa12,

You want this layout for desktop too ?
If you want it for desktop too, you shouldn’t use column.
If it’s for the tablet breakpoint for example, you should select the row, select inline in the row settings, and then vertical flex.

Hope this helps

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So helpful! Thank you so much.

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