Need help with changing color of heading!

Hi guys,

I am stuck on this issue (beginner with Webflow). I have a strong feeling this problem can be easily fixed, but I’ve tried looking on the forums and I am unable to find this specific issue so I am asking for help.

I’ve made a video: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom to demonstrate my problem. Basically, I can’t change the color of my heading in a collection list and/or I have no idea how to. I’ve tried adding a different text header in the box but I am sure there’s another more simple workaround?

Here’s my read-only link: Webflow - Rebranding Startstudent

Please help a fellow brother out!

You need to style a static rich text element. On your style guide page, add a rich text element.

Style it something like “Dynamic-Rich-Text” or “Blog-Rich-Text

Then click the text you want to edit, whether that be paragraph or H4.

Click the plus sign

And now, you can change the styling of what you want the paragraph text to look like when it’s inside of Rich Text Elements with the class of “Blog-Rich-Text

Thanks a lot SunbearStudio!

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