Editing colour of H2 and H3 headers within a blog post

Good afternoon! I am relatively new to webflow and have created a site for my agency. I have published a blog post but the headers are not the colour i would like and are not very visible.

Blog post: https://www.fireflydigital.co.uk/blog/10-instagram-algorithm-facts-you-should-know

I cannot seem to set the colours from the post creation page. I can see that the text is a rich text element and will be inheriting the colour from a setting somewhere i would assume. I am a WebFlow newbie and cannot seem to find this setting.

Any help on finding where i can change the colour of those headings within the blog post would be appreciated.


Also having trouble with this. @Firefly_Digital_UK did you have any luck?
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

@LouieMS, please share your read-only link and give short description of what exactly isn’t working for you. Thank you!