Editing colour of H2 and H3 headers within a blog post

Good afternoon! I am relatively new to webflow and have created a site for my agency. I have published a blog post but the headers are not the colour i would like and are not very visible.

Blog post: https://www.fireflydigital.co.uk/blog/10-instagram-algorithm-facts-you-should-know

I cannot seem to set the colours from the post creation page. I can see that the text is a rich text element and will be inheriting the colour from a setting somewhere i would assume. I am a WebFlow newbie and cannot seem to find this setting.

Any help on finding where i can change the colour of those headings within the blog post would be appreciated.


Also having trouble with this. @Firefly_Digital_UK did you have any luck?
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

@LouieMS, please share your read-only link and give short description of what exactly isn’t working for you. Thank you!

Thanks - basically i can’t seem to change the H2 title text colour. It seems to be pulling in the purple from the template but i’m struggling to locate that. It only seems to be the case on the pages pulled in from the CMS however? Any ideas how to change it so that in future, all H2 titles are the colour i want (green).

Many thanks,


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@LouieMS, I have recorded a short video showing you what’s happening and how to fix it.

The blue color is the result of the <strong> tag. Create a text block, mark one word as Bold, select All Bolds in the Style panel and reset the color. This will change it back to the color you have chosen for all H2s within your Rich text block.

Thank you so much - that’s worked perfectly.


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