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Need help with centering elements in mobile viewports

Hope someone can help.

I’m having trouble with auto-centering a component of my site.

They are divs within a container. If you have a look on the ‘partners page’, under any view smaller than desktop, you will see that they sit to the left of the screen rather than centered within the container.

Could someone possibly tell me why?



Hi. Cool Flexbox can help you center your boxes.

Try this:

  1. At your Partners page, click/select PartnersMainContent and make sure you are on Style tab window after that
  2. Position - Display Settings, click/select Flex
  3. Under Flex Layout, click/select Justify: Center
  4. Get down a bit, there is Wrap Children checkbox, click/select it
  5. Tadaaa :slightly_smiling:



Thanks for the suggestion. I tried that but it would then stack them all on top of each other. They were centered, which is a start, but there was room next to it for another box.



Just to confirm that we get same result here. This is what I got. If this is not what you trying to achieve, can you please describe it in more detail what it is.


Tried this again and it worked, I must have not ticked ‘wrap children’ the first time. You’re an absolute star. Thank you very much for your help.

Pete :smile:

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