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Need help urgently - text wrap not working with float?

Hi all

If anyone could offer help i would be more than grateful. i am trying wrap the text at the bottom of the page below around the circular image but its plain and simply not working. i have followed all the forums previous advice and the webflow uni’s but its still not wrapping as predicted. please help!!

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thanks for your time and happy designing cheers Paul

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@Hobbitrock83 Have you tried to use a Rich Text element and add the image to the RTF

hi Janne I did. was the first thing I did but it really didn’t work. didn’t have a clue what was happening. everything I tried did pretty much the opposite of what I thought was going to happen even after following a lot of videos and forum tips.

@Hobbitrock83 take a look at this it might help you

cheers Janne for the advice but unfortunately I tried what they suggested and it did not seem to work. even tried making the text smaller, the image smaller literally everything I could think of that might be causing it to not work but alas I couldn’t figure it out. thanks for trying tho

@Hobbitrock83 Here is a demo i did for you. You can clone it if you like