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How to Wrap Text Around an Image

I have two columns. In the right hand column I have a paragraph of text and an image. I want the paragraph of text to flow around the image. I cannot seem to accomplish this.

So instead of the text flowing around my ugly mug shot it is sitting above it:

I’ve done it easily enough I think when I used to hand code. But can’t figure it out in Webflow.

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Hi Ambrose

Your image class “Ambrose” needs to be set to relative positioning and floated to the right. Look under the “advanced” section on the positioning specifications.

That should sort it.


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Whaaatup Ambrose! Yeah man.

It looks like you have tried to float the text and image. Try this: Remove all float properties from both the image and paragraph. Move the image to the top of the paragraph. Set float: right on the image.

Right now:

Float it right:
(Floating text left will not work the same. You have to put the image above the paragraph and float it right or left for the text to float around it. You can give the image some margin to push the text away from it.)




Thanks Sergie. Sorry I’ve taken so long to reply. Sorted the issue following you helpful advice. Cheers!

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