Need help trying to achieve this

Hi all, I am building a filter and sort section in my website. What I need before the filtering section is a form with questions and their answer determines the next question finally ending in the results that they are needing.

I created something similar in typeform, link below. But can I do this right in webflow with logic or something? I’d rather achieve what I am needing in webflow and not a third party.

Any help on how I can do this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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I’m not sure how filter/sort fit in, but you’re basically talking about a multistep form or a series of forms that follows a logical progression, with branching.

Webflow doesn’t natively provide any of those features, so you can either build that hide/show and progression logic in custom JS, or you could use a 3rd party product like Formly Logic.

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Hi Michael… thank you for the tip on Formly. I will give it a shot and looks pretty amazing. The filter/sort falls into play once the user selects what options they need in the form. That form is sent to distributors, then the user can explore more options in the filter/sort form.

Thanks again for your help… much appreciated.