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Create a Form for Users

Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing good :slight_smile:
I am facing an important issue concerning a Decision Tree form for my website (that I didn’t make), if anyone has ever faced this kind of forms, could I have some help?
For example, let say that I need a kind of form that is tailor made for my user, so :
First Question : Do you already have a website? YES or NO
If NO then we show the next question that would be : do you need to make a website ?
But still for the first question, if the answer is YES then it would show a different question than if it was NO.

This was my illustration but the form will be more specific than it is now with more roads for the Decision Tree Form, is there any API that provides that kind of help on WebFlow?

Thanks to the greatest community ever made and hoping to get an answer as soon as possible! :slight_smile:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Take a look at this, it might help you

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Thanks a lot but the project is unfortunately outdated, I’ll keep trying to get an answer, have a good one :slight_smile:

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@Flower yes, Alex made a newer version, which you can find here -

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Thanks a lot, that’s exactly what I needed, have a good one too :slight_smile: