Need help troubleshooting site

Hello guys, I am currently new to Webflow and have been self teaching myself throughout this process. Support is slow and I need some people to help me with small things such as helping me troubleshoot a bit of my about page.

I currently am unable to scroll up or down on this page and it’s really bothering me. None of my div-blocks or my sections are hidden overflow, so I am curious why scrolling is not working for me.

Also, my footer does not want to fix itself at the bottom of the page properly, I have to change the “position bottom” to -75% for it to work on my about page, but it looks weird on other pages. Please help me, it would be much appreciated.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi, I am newb as well but wanted to take a shot.

The about page looks perfectly fine to me, when I scrolled down, since the movement effect of the hero image and text goes beyond the right and left “border” it creates an overflow.

I set overflow: hidden and it looks smoothy smooth. Could not understand why you set it not hidden.

Also, for the footer, I didn’t quite get why are you trying to give a fixed positioning. I set is just like any other section or div, it looks perfectly fine.