Form Fields on the same row

I am trying to create a page that allows a user to enter item, quantity, price, etc in one row. I see how some sites use tables for this treatment. Does anyone know how to do this with webflow?


you can do the tables method using the columns feature in Webflow. But I didn’t like having to fuss over so many layers, so I used the width and float properties under display setting’s advanced features for mine.

You’ll want to play with these properties for every form text field:
Float: set it to right since the entry fields are right aligned.
Width: set a pixel or percentage width. If you need spacing between each item, you can set some padding as well.
Height: set a pixel height.

Remember to keep every element within the default form wrapper div to make sure they can communicate with each other and create a form.

Good luck :smile:

Hi @ProfessorXavior, if you need help with a site design or layout of a particular form in one of your sites, it will help to post the read-only link to the site:

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