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Need Help Replacing BG Image and Reversing a List

So, for starters, I am brand new to Webflow and I purchased the “Next Up” musician ecom template and there are some things that I just cannot figure out for the life of me.

When I add an image in front of the existing image on the template for the home page, it replaces fine. As soon as I move into an view other than Desktop, my image shrinks and the previous background image from the template is massive behind it.

Another thing I noticed is that all of my shows are showing backward with earliest show at the very bottom and the last show posted showing first…which makes no sense and I have never seen a calendar list shown like that in my life. If I “reverse” the list, it will only reverse the left and right events…Unless I put it in vertical mode (1 column instead of 2) and reverse…it will show proper.

On every page and subpage there are no social media icons show just blank blocks. Is there a way to add photos to one page and have them uniform across all of the rest or do I have to manually go in and fix all of them?

I’m sure the answers are simple but it’s driving me insane and I’ve been clicking things for hours trying to figure out where this image is coming from and how to reverse the order of the events

Thanks for your help!

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Hi Paul,

Hope I can help out a bit.

For the background image issue, it’s pulling this image from the ‘Hero Parallax Background’ and the Dynamic Style Settings - screenshot here. You can either set this field to none or replace it with your image in the CMS.

For the order of the shows, you can set this in the element settings for ‘Shows’ > Sort Order > Date / time, Oldest to newest. Screenshot here.

Because the social media icons sit within the ‘Footer’ symbol, any changes you make to within that symbol will be reflected across all pages which contain the ‘Footer’ symbol.

More info on symbols here: Symbols | Webflow University

Hey Milan,

Wow, thank you so much for the help.

I was able to fix the background image. Although I’ve gotta figure out export settings in lightroom and photoshop that will make the site work well without absolutely crushing the quality. Photo is clear as can be in photoshop and looks like the photo was taken with a toaster on the website.

The shows are still giving me a bit of trouble. I changed the Sort Order for the list which did put my oldest show up top when it is in any view other than desktop. When in desktop view, the list turns into two columns, and it’ll show the dates reversed (1/2/22 on the left, 1/1/22 on the right).

I’ll play with the social media icons now. I started to replace them in the Navbar Top section of the home page when I probably should’ve been changing them in the footer.

Thanks again! You’re a huge help.

Hi Paul,

With the sort order, try pressing the Reverse button in Layout Settings of the ‘Shows’ element. Screenshot here.

You can also change them in the Navbar and they will be reflected across all pages because Navbar Top is also a symbol.

Here’s some resources on image resolution and responsiveness if you haven’t seen already:

Image resolution | Webflow University

Responsive images in Webflow | Webflow University

Hi Milan,

So I just had to “reverse” the order and change the sort order to “newest to oldest.” For whatever reason, if I reversed without changing the sort order, the entire list flipped and put the end of the month first. I think it’s all fixed now though, I’ll know when I add the rest of my dates.

As far as the icons go, it looks like the creator of the template actually finished the icons on all of the subpages but not the front page. So all of the subpages actually have icons that I don’t use and the navbar / footer on the home page won’t overwrite them. I think I’ll just have to go in manually and redo them all on each subpage (luckily there aren’t many).

I will definitely take a look at the image resolution pages. I just started diving into Webflow on Monday. Some of it is a bit advanced for my level of knowledge but I think with enough research I’ll get the hang of it. It all seems to be fairly user friendly if you know where to look.

Again, thank you for all of the help.