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Need help organizing text/images

I’m having some trouble with the text on my website-- because of the way the columns are set up, you can’t select the email to copy and paste it. Obviously copy and pasting the email address is an important feature, so I need to get this fixed. Any ideas?

Here is my public share link:

I am not too sure why you are experiencing this, i was able to copy and paste it just fine in the designer.

It copies and pastes fine in the designer, but because the columns overlap, you can’t copy and paste on the site itself (preview mode)

Ah now I see.

I believe it is due to the column overlap with a negative margin setting as shown here.

How can I achieve the same appearance without the columns overlapping like that in the backend?

First I organized html elements as such, arranging them in this order. (Social icons and contact info in separate divs and making it a two-column layout)

Then in the social-div I made it into a flexbox vertical layout and made it float-right.

Lastly, I adjusted the right padding of the contact text.

Hope this helps!


Cool, got it, thanks!

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