Need help on posting info via form/collections

Hi all,

Can anybody help with an issue I have on the page below. I have set up several collections and trying to create a form which can post individual information and preset info taken from the collection.

A link below is a test of one of the products and if you click the ‘RESERVE THIS WATCH NOW’ button you will see what I’m trying to do.

Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated.

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David Lewis
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Here is my site Read-Only:

If you’re willing to use something like Integromat, then the answer is yes, you can do this.

  1. Put a form on a Static Page.
  2. Submit the form.
  3. Have Integromat get triggered on form submission.
  4. Create the Live CMS Item from Integromat.
  5. Grab the Slug from the newly created CMS Item.
  6. Have Integromat redirect the browser to the CMS Collection Page via the Slug

This screencast of mine walks you through exactly how to do this, step-by-step:

Hi Chris, thanks for your advice on my form issue. Unfortunately I don’t think this works?

Happy New Year!


The walk through works great :slightly_smiling_face: If it doesn’t work for your specific case, care to elaborate?

Hi Chris, I currently use a similar solution via Zapier and I couldn’t get it to work. My issue is when I send a test of the form it doesn’t show the Success message/Error Message due to the embedded code to post the individual info? I hope that makes sense? kind regards David

Yup! You need to bind any custom code to your elements.

// replace with your form ID
const form = document.getElementById('profile-form');

// set the Webflow Error Message Div Block ID to 'error-message'
let failureMessage = document.getElementById('error-message');

// set the Webflow Success Message Div Block ID to 'success-message'
let successMessage = document.getElementById('success-message');

Make these lines of custom code match your element id’s and you’ll be good to go!

Scroll down a bit below this section of the post and it details it in more detail :sunglasses:

Hi Chris, thanks for your help in this matter. Sadly I’m not that proficient in coding and can’t seem to get it to work :frowning:

I would like to get it to work without having to use Integromat if possible.


Understandable. My code is copy / paste ready and then just adding your ID’s to it, but I get it, it can be very overwhelming.

My recommendation would be to post on the “freelancer” channel and pay someone to wire it up for you. It should be quick for someone who’s already familiar with all of this, and even more so if you point them to this thread.

Hopefully that get’s you what you need!