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My website is not responsive


Been sitting here for a couple of hours trying to figure out how to make my site response to different sizes.
Thanks in advance for the help:)
My site link:

  1. go into columns and on smaller sizes change to the horizontal button (also, don’t use columns)
  2. on grid layouts (because you’re not using autoplace) you need to add additional rows and manually move content

Try to use flexbox or grid, not columns.

Hi Solomon,

Just to take a step back as the other comments are also really useful.

As you’ve done, you can navigate the different devices for your website. However, to make your website responsive - you can edit the settings under these (sizes, padding, layout etc.) to make these legible on each of the different devices.

Making changes here won’t disrupt or ruin the desktop sites - i.e. each device screen is individual so you can reformat these to ensure your website is responsive to each device.

You can then use the tips above to ensure that ‘column’ style layouts can be easily changes on the different device views.