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Need help - how to handle large amounts of data input/tables

Hi guys,

I have a project which handles a lot of data which is currently in the form of tables. I originally planned to have someone build the site in Wordpress using ACF and repeater fields but have since been let down and now I want to use Webflow to build it.

Here is a link to the type of data that the site will need to handle:

There would be an array of three column tables, two column tables and four column tables.

I will attach an image of the design I created for the clients new site so you can see how I hoped to display the data.

Can anyone advise on a clean way to handle this sort of information or make it easy for the client to upload it within the CMS?

I set up multi reference fields which then linked to 3 or 4 column tables but it felt really messy and I think the client would get confused pretty quickly with all that information.

Any help is appreciated as I’m really struggling to understand how to handle this data in Webflow easily. It literally needs to be text input but by not having the repeater field option, I cant just create rows within tables which sucks.


Hey @LukeSvarc

Have you defined the data structure and relationships? Here are some blog posts about setting up a content model.

After defining your content/data structure, setup the custom fields in the cms collection(s).

Then use a csv file or zapier to import the data into the collection(s).

Webflow doesn’t have table element so inside your collection list you’ll need to use flexbox or grid to layout the “cells” which will just be normal divs. The place your text inside the cells and bind them to the cms data.

I know this may seem like a lot, but it will help a lot later on if you have a complete understanding of how to setup, import, and connect your data beforehand. Hope this helps.


I see your pain.

You might also consider managing the data in something like airtable where they will be able to manipulate and work with data. You “might” be able to then create calculated table arrays and more that you can pus (zap) to a webflow CMS rich text field, then display with something like this. I haven’t tried it but it could really help you keep the CMS structure light weight in Webflow.