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Creating a dynamic table in a CMS collection page

Hi everyone, I have a client that sells cakes, I am trying to dynamically create a table for each product page that shows nutritional format like in this image.

A key challenge is that the ingredients for each product changes and so also does the nutritional value (columns with % and g). My main issue is how to structure the CMS so that it would be easy for the client to update and populate the data in the future.

Webflow does not really have a solution for this design pattern at this time, as it does not support tables (unless you use custom code) nor does it have a repeater field which would allow for rows and columns. Until it does, you have to make due with plain text formatting or a explore a custom code solution. I have a client that needed a small amount of custom tables that ended up making a excel template and screen capturing images for upload to the site. Nice thing about the images is they are portable and responsive.

Maybe someone else came up with a better method?