Need help finding the correct tutorial to watch on making a sidebar for sub-categories

I don’t have my site up at all and have a design question.

I am building a landing page with categories in a 4 column layout. When my user clicks on a link or category they go to a configuration of the product page. Each category will have its own configuration page. I have about 25 pages to make. I am doing a 3d configurator on each page.

On the product configuration page I will have 1/2 of it or more for the 3d blender model.
Then I need a way to make this work and don’t know what to use.
I would like to display on the right side of the product a sub-category list with dropdown or links(square boxes with an arrow facing to the side). I say dropdown but need the dropdown area to open to the left of the column. In that area in the left I need to then add all the variants and colors and variables that a user will pick for the configuration maybe in a field that scrolls up and down.
Then when the user clicks on the next sub-category the first column that was open closes and the new sub-category opens to the left again with the items it needs.
I need to figure out how to make those sub-categories open and if anyone has a tutorial on it great. If there is another way to do it and not use webflow that’s okay as long as I can enter that code in this great.

Hopefully this is understandable. Thanks for all who help.