Need help. Designer is not opening

Hi Webflow community, I can’t open my project in designer. I restored different backups in setting, still can’t open. I also tried different browsers, clearing cache, and duplicating the project ( it didn’t duplicate).

This morning I was adjusting the grid and suddenly when I refreshed my project, it shows loading. It’s been like this for a day and I’m getting anxious cuz this happened to me last year, and I had to redo some work. Appreciate any help! Thank you

Here’s my project

Hi Alison, the basic things I do, it sounds like you’ve mostly done-

  • Disable all browser extensions
  • Clear the cache
  • Try a different browser / different machine
  • Try a different network. This can affect you if you have any firewall / proxy rules that might be interfering

Outside of that all you can do is contact Webflow support.