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Need help creating an age gate for website in javascript

Hey guys, I tried out a few example codes out there for adding an age gate to my website, but with little success. Using the below code, I was able to get some parts of the age gate to show, but I couldn’t get the the age check function to work, as the options never showed!. :frowning:
Could you guys help me out? Thanks!

Hi @Nick1

Would it be possible to use simple interactions instead of custom code?


Are you older than 18?

[Button Yes] [Button No]

If someone clicks the YES button, then the overlay/modal disappears. If they click no, they go to or something.

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That almost works, but I would really like it to be in JS, so I can make use of cookies.

What if you added custom code to hook to those buttons. something like

$('.btn-yes').on('click', function(){ //do cookie stuff })

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