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Webflow + Zapier Age gate help

Hi Webflow lovers,

Really need to implement age gateaction for alcohol website, was hoping I could use forms + Zapier to achieve this, any idea’s or solutions guys?

Or with Javascript?

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@vincent cheers, im a total javascript noob, do you suggest I export my site to do this? Or can I do it right here in webflow? And If I do in webflow do I add ids to my drop down age selectors to hook up with the Javascript?

I never suggest you export your site to do anything. I’m trying to make everything work within Webflow so you can continue to maintain and update your website in Webflow. Even my work with CMS templating and nodeJS apis and everything, I make it work with the webflow code as-is. I wouldn’t be so motivated by Webflow if you had to export and tweak to make great things work. Wouldn’t be interested at all in WF actually, because I know how to write HTML and CSS from scratch but am no more interested in that, take too much time even with a good framework.

This said, I’m no good at giving anyone JS advices sorry :confused:

Anyone @cyberdave @thesergie @thewonglv implementing he javascript code @vincent shared in this thread with a working form in webflow?

I’m happy to say that it’s done :) You’re welcome @daniel_cleayweb!

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