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I need an AGE GATE for a website that I'm designing

I’m designing a website that requires an Age Gate age restriction upon opening the page. If possible I would like the website to remember the user for future visits. Is there anyone who can help me?

Here is my site Read-Only:

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Found this on codepen.

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Hello @Alexandros_Clufetos

I’ve made something using @bri-idea example. I just placed the scripts in the custom code area of the website. Works nice! To make style changes I just used the same classes from the popup in Webflow, but for some reason the NO button is not removing the popup. The redirect works, but the popup stays. Only if I click the YES button the popup goes away.

Live site >

You can use Incognito mode in Chrome to view the popup many times without the cookies to trigger.

I’m still trying to understand why the NO button is not working after the style changes.

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