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Need Help: Creating a Table Format on Webflow (see example)

Hello Forum Friends,

I am still transferring information from an old existing website into a Webflow template and I want to create something similar to the attached example. I have tried columns, and then headings and then text but I must be doing something wrong - Everything I try looks awful


SUGGESTIONS Please! :weary:

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Fordsville Web - Anita

Whoops…I forgot to indicate that on the old website I had created this as a hard text graphic but I cant use the hard text graphic if I want it to be responsive.

Just a followup note…

Fordsvilleweb - Anita

Have you tried making a layout with just regular div blocks?

[------ div block -----]
[div block] [div block]
[------ div block -----]

For the two div blocks, to make them columns, you can do a display:inline-block

​Try these steps and let me know if you’re successful. :smile:

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Thanks so much PixelGeek!

That was a great suggestion and I thought I had a handle on it but what looked great in the full screen looked very different in the landscape and portrait phone options. All of the text was out of alignment. I tried several setting changes, padding, margins but I couldn’t get it. I finally just went with continuous div blocks one under the other. I very much appreciate your help and must learn more about making the changes correctly to fit the phone options.

Regarding a similar situation. In the template I am working with “Nature” there is a group of graphics that link to other pages in the website. After I replaced each of the graphics within a few seconds two of them disappeared. When I uploaded them again they were there for a few minutes and then disappeared again. Do you have a clue what is happening. There are no error messages they just disappear.

I apologize for the delay in thanking you for your help. I have limited time and battled with the process for a couple of days and was hoping to have better news. I really liked working with the div blocks. I will have to spend more time on tutorials to learn more about designing tables. Mine looked quite good in the computer and tablet view but it definitely lost it in the phone views. Hope you have a suggestion on my disappearing graphics.

Thanks again,
Fordsvilleweb - Anita

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