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Having trouble working out how to make this layout work

Hi Guys,

I’ve got a layout in mind that should definitely be doable in Webflow.

I have attached a diagram to show what I’m trying to achieve, I hope it makes sense. Please ignore the percentages as they are only rough. I have used Div Blocks becuase I need 5 columns which is not achievable with columns as they must add up to 12.

I have tried everything that I can think of but cant seem to achieve the effect that I am looking for.

I am hoping that someone maybe be able to talk me through the process I would have to go through to create this layout. It would be very much apreciated.

Thank you in advance to all helpers.

This is definitely doable in Webflow.

Can you please share your read-only link ?

@Charlie_Rick Share link would be great. What exactly are you having trouble achieving with the design? Fitting in all within the browser window and having each section a certain percentage or just the five columns?

I can share the link but I’m afraid I have deleted what I had done. I can quickly remake it the way I did it.

I should mention that I all of that diagram to fit 100% height.

I’ll quickly put it together and share the link.

Here is my read-only link:

So what part are you having trouble with…the columns?

Okay so I have three sections: Navbar (10%) Welcome Text (50%) Div Block Section (40%)

The only way I can get the Div Blocks to work correctly is by having the Div Block Section Height set to 235px, which I don’t want as it won’t work responsively.

I have attached a couple of screenshots as an example:

Set at 235px the Div Blocks look like this, which is how they should be:

Set at 40%, the Div Blocks look like this:

I hope this explains my problem.

Make sure the Body is at 100% height. I checked the Read only link and it works that way.

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