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Converting non-responsive site to responsive

Dear Webflow Friends,

I desperately need advice on converting an existing (old format wysiwyg) website to a responsive website. I purchased two Webflow templates already but they just don’t seem to work for this type of conversion. This old website contains 20 + pages and loads of information, albums, links and downloadable files and I need some constructive input to find the right template to assist me. I have new logos, a color theme I am interested in but not confident in my ability to work from scratch with Webflow.

Like I said, I am desperate and must get this accomplished quickly and easily. I am no coder and recently created one website with a Webflow template and was pleased with the outcome but this is too much of a challenge for me and desperately need some input and suggestions.

Thanks, al - fordsvilleweb

I took a quick glance at the website. If you’re comfortable keeping the same colors, graphics, and text, this probably isn’t that difficult a job for someone. Unfortunately it’s not really possible to convert this website retroactively to responsive without rewriting most of the code. I’m sure there are smart designers out there who could do it for you quickly and at a fair price. You state that you are not a coder; it’s probably too big of a job for someone who isn’t a coder. Not sure if that’s the advice you are looking for. Maybe someone smarter than me can tell me I’m wrong and point you to an easier solution.

I’ll agree with Joe in Brooklyn. I don’t think it’s possible to just copy and paste, so to speak, your current site into a WF responsive template. On the other hand, I’m sure if you wanted to hire someone to create it from scratch, using your image assets, through the forum, you might find reasonably-priced help. You might even be able to do it yourself, though “must get this accomplished quickly and easily” is probably asking too much. I think making a website that looks aesthetically pleasing and modern, and then add to it having to worry about moving pieces around in the different screen size views, takes time and consideration. Plus, there’s the learning curve of WF, some of which it sounds like you’ve tackled.

I believe you can do it yourself, just not in a hurry. If you don’t have the patience, I’d recommend paying someone to do it for you. A paid designer is always going to know what they’re doing and do it better than, for example, a cousin’s kid’s classmate who offers to do it for free.

I will totally disagree with previous comments. I think that site is possible to recreate with Webflow. May need just some custom code for downloading, but from what I see it is mostly pdf files, which going to open in the browser.

@Anita, I think you can do this. And if you will need a help or advice on your way, I will help.


Hello Joe_in_brooklyn,

Thanks so much for your feedback. I definitely have little coding experience. I can only edit attachments, graphics and text once it is uploaded with my old software (code free).

The budget is tight and it comes out of my pocket as I am a volunteer for this non-profit. This website format was created before phones and tablets were main sources of internet access. I am way behind the times for 6 websites I have online right now but this is the one that is most important as this event is quickly approaching.

I really appreciate your input and the time you took to check out my link. I know it is a major project and was hoping that I could find a perfect template to cut and paste to but it didn’t work as expected.

Thanks again Joe_in_brooklyn

Fordsvilleweb - Anita


Thanks for your encouraging post and for taking the time to visit the Fordsville Days website. Yes, it has several of PDFs and albums both of which are important to the conversion and the visitors and the number of pages is scary to me as well. I put the whole thing together before phones and tablets were everyone’s link to the internet and am really out of date now.

I will definitely keep you posted on what transpires and appreciate the opportunity to ask additional questions.

Thanks again,
fordsvilleweb - anita

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Thanks you elcalibano and everyone who has taken the time to respond to my desperate request for help!

I appreciate all of the feedback and suggestions and will hopefully be able to post a positive update on the conversion process in the future.

This forum opportunity is such a valuable asset to the whole Webflow experience.


Good luck! :blush:
Feel free to contact me.

Hello again Sabanna,

I appreciate your offer and have now purchased my third template (Natural) to try and incorporate my Fordsville Days information into and I am having problems deleting some graphics that appear to be in the background but I can’t locate where they are - let alone delete or replace them. The Natural is a new template by Dorian but I have not heard back from him yet. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Fordsvilleweb - Anita

post a public link. That way someone can “see the problem”… and perhaps try to help fix it.

Thank you Revolution.

Dorian, the designer of the template, sent me some great screen shots and instructions so all is well. I actually learned a great deal. Should I have another issue I will send along a link and thanks for the suggestion.

Fordsvilleweb - Anita

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