Need a more feature rich client editor for a blog

My client is moving from a custom blogging engine to a webflow site.

In the old system, they create a blog article with several ‘blocks’ each block can have an image and rich text, link etc… They can re-order these blocks by drag and drop. They can create an unlimited amount of blocks for each article.

I have tried to create something similar using multiple richtext blocks in webflow, However they want more flexibility. Specifically, the ability to re-order the blocks of text after they have written them. They also want a WYSIWYG editor that they can change the colour of text and see it in the editor.

Are there any blogging engines that I could sync up with the webflow CMS to get these features? Has anyone done anything similar?

PS. I have already thought about hackey ways to get text colours (styling various Heading tags) or ordering the content blocks with numbers, but these feel too hackey.

@EvanCowan - What you are asking for is not an option with Webflow. When the client wants this functionality (and who doesn’t) put them in a tool that offers it.

Yeah. Can you suggest a tool that does?

@EvanCowan - My fav would be using Statamic’s Bard fieldtype is what this is for and makes client content creation a dream.

Oh and I almost forgot GutenBricks for use with Bricks Builder on WordPress which is close to release ( v.1.0.0-rc-5.0.2) . Pretty amazing really and I dig Bricks.