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Need a Freelancer Autofill form with

Hello mate,

My name is adhi from Indonesia. Im building on webflow right now.

Im looking for a freelancer to help me making an autofill field on my addres form.
I will give you a set name of region, city, anda province as a database on excel form…

The form will look like As U can see on the first picture

Kecamatan = Region
Kota = City
Provinsi = Province

So when my costumer typing someword the autofill will shownup there and help them to choose.

As u cen see when we type “MAR” several option with “MAR” in it will shown up.

The next case is, when i choose one of the option there, the city and province field will automatically added to the field base on the database i will give to you.

I prefer solution which is editable, let say using zapier for integration, etc. So later it is easier for me to edit the result in the future, or edit the database.
I am totally blank about coding, but make sure the solution wont effect my website loading speed.

Thx mate

If u feel interest in this pls contact me on my email or u can whatsapp me on +628112330610

FYI my english is not really good so i prefer to talk using email or whatsapp.

Hi Adhi,

I can help you . Please check email


Ok will reply you very soon thx mate

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