How to autofill address based on databse table in form?

Right now on our current website (which we’re wanting to replace with a webflow one) to capture trial signups:

  1. Have a pop up form
  2. On that pop up form we have first name, last name, email, phone no. + organisation name
  3. We have all the organisation names in our market in a database table, when they start typing it gives them the options on what to select
  4. When they select it it auto fills hidden form fields of State, Phone no., post code, address etc. (which we need to submit to our CRM).
  5. If they don’t select one and type in a new organisation name, we reveal the hidden form field of ‘State’ so they type that in too (but only if they don’t select one from the pre-populated suggestion list)
  6. It then sends and adds to our CRM

You can see what that’s like at by clicking ‘Get my Free Trial’ & viewing the form (the org name is in school)

How do I do re-create the above in webflow?

Can I do it? Or should I just ask our developer to take the PHP form he’s done for our website and add that to webflow, is that even possible?

Thanks so much in advance!

@webflow or anyone pan answer please?

You can’t use your own database on Webflow. Export it and get a developer to code the integration with your own database.

@samliew - so to confirm does that mean you couldn’t do this:

  1. Create the website in webflow, add custom code that would do the above via our PHP & our own database?

Does that mean my only option then is:

a) Export the website and custom build the rest of the website (so like a custom build anyway, but most of the heavy lifting done by webflow build)

Yes that is correct.

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