Not closing navbar and buggy click

Hello Webflow team!

I am working on the project for a client and trying to fix a problem with the navbar since yesterday - unfortunately with no success.

The issue is that the navbar in the responsive view (on mobile) is a hamburger.

  1. Once clicking the hambruger upon first click there is no opening of the navbar/hamburger menu!
    You need to refresh site to be able to see the menu

    (click hamburger - no action)

  2. Once you see dropdown menu my navbar does not close, I would like to close it upon clicking the item from the navigation… (my code/ interactions did not help me till now…)

  3. I have noticed that upon loading a page from the link in navbar the menu not only does not close but looks ugly there is change of order of elements…

I tried to do trigger/custom code but nothing helps, maybe I do sth wrong… Could you help me step by step how to make it working?

Here is my site Read-Only: