Navigator panel not showing, please help

Does anybody else encounter this problem? My navigator panel is not showing anything at the moment and it is extremely annoying

I am on a deadline, I contacted Webflow support but did not reply yet…I hope someone here knows about this and might have a solution.

@Jasin Does it not open even if you click on the Navigator (icon below the Symbols icon)? Or maybe using the shortcut “Z” on your keyboard?
I’ve been having this today as well, it always starts closed


Hey @Jasin!

You should be able to select the navigator from the left tab on the left (Image 8-2-2022 at 10.39 PM).

However, at the moment, it won’t stay pinned when switching between designer and preview mode. It normally does stay pinned and the team are aware of this issue :slight_smile:

If it’s not opening at all for you, I’d try disabling your extensions and see if this resolves it in the meantime.

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Thanks! I was totally used to it being pinned, and just opening in the morning and getting right to work. I kind of freaked out because of all the work that I got to do, and totally forgot that there is an icon

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It is usually pinned and I totally forgot about the icon. I was in a hurry and was used to it just opening and showing up right away. Thanks for answering my question!

Hey @Jasin - This should be all fixed now!

You may need to reload the Designer however. :slight_smile:

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