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Navigation symbol

Hi, I have a vertical navbar (symbol) across multiple pages, is there a workaround available to have a unique background color for the current page, or do I need to Unlink?

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You can add custom code to the Page Settings that targets the element or possibly use inheritance to style the background based on a parent wrapper–but if those aren’t options then you’ll need to unlink. I’d imagine with Webflow’s upcoming “Components” update you’ll have some more control over styling overrides as opposed to just content, but for now we’re limited to only text changes.

If you run into issues or can’t get it working, you can provide your read-only link (as @Marius1989 mentioned) and someone can take a closer look to help out :+1:

Thanks, #mikeyevin, that is what I thought. Hopefully, we will see an update soon that takes care of this obvious problem.