Navigation settings problem, please help

I want to get rid of the white area of ​​the navigation in the pc version.
In the mobile version, I want the first navigation title to be white instead of black when the menu bar is pressed. please help me ;(

The element indicated in the Navigator has a top padding and a white background. You’re seeing that background because it’s child elements are pushed down by the padding. Remove the padding or change the background color, depending on your design approach.

The two elements identified in the Navigator have black backgrounds at the mobile breakpoint. Change them to white or inherit to clean that up.

thank you! you are my hero
But I’m new so I don’t understand ;(

Even if I go into the same route in the first picture, I have 0 padding. Can you tell me why?

On mobile, if the background is white, the design will look strange.
Is it possible to change the text color to white while maintaining the black background?

I don’t know what you’re asking here.

Sure you can.

It sounds like you’re quite new to Webflow, as these are very basic styling questions, The Webflow University is the place to start.