I cant set the the colour of the background of my navigation

Help, I want to change the colour of the navigation drop down menu when in tablet or smaller but I cant get it to white, it stays transparent. Can anybody help to make it white?


I think there might be a styling issue specific to the tablet or mobile view in Webflow.

I’d suggest you go to tablet view in Webflow’s designer. There you can find the ‘Background’ section in the ‘Styles’ panel. There might be an override for smaller screens that’s keeping it transparent. If you find it, change the background color to white there.

Sometimes, specific styles set for different device views can override the general styling. If you still have trouble, checking the CSS directly through Webflow’s code export feature might reveal where the issue lies.

Hope this helps!

Thank you,

I have just made a complete new Navigation bar and that fixed the issue so all is ok but I still dont know what was wrong.

It’s great that you found a solution! Sometimes, starting fresh is the quickest way to solve a tricky styling problem, especially in Webflow where overrides and specific settings for different device views can get complex.

As for what might have gone wrong initially, it’s possible that there was a hidden style override for the tablet or smaller view that wasn’t immediately apparent. These overrides can sometimes be nested within elements or inherited from parent elements, making them tricky to track down.

Anyway, I’m happy it worked out for you.