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Navigation placed at bottom to stick at the very top when scrolling next section

I have my navigation placed at the bottom when viewing the first section (the one with the picture of me). When I scroll down to my portfolio section on the same page, I want the navigation bar to stay sticky at the top. Is this achievable in Webflow? How do I do it?

Public link:

here you go =)

Thanks PixelGeek! Got it in place now and the menu sticks…however…everything turns black after it sticks…what am I doing wrong here?

that’s another one i’m gonna steal (errr borrow) from mr pixelgeek :smile:

By black I mean that as soon as the nav sticks to the top, everything goes black…like the nav is expanding and covering everything in black.

I’ve pasted the code from the site. I’ve haven’t changed anything in the code once I got it from the site. In the Custom Code-area, the styling was placed in the “Add code to the tag” and the Jquery into “Add code before tag”.

Down here are two images. The first one is shortly before the nav sticks and the second one is when the nav have sticked.
How do i get rid of the blackness?


Anyone got a clue? I’ve been trying my best but can’t solve it…:confused: