Sticky side nav bar to the top of page section - becomes fixed after scroll down

Can’t seem to find any threads on this.

I have designed a fixed side nav bar under a hero section.

Here’s the issue:

  • The page forces the nav bar to be fixed on scroll exactly where it is in reference to the page load.

  • Because of its placement, it interferes with the footer on different devices

The Solution (In a perfect world)

  • To keep the nav bar exactly where it is upon page load (at the top next to “Chat”)

  • After scrolling past the nav bar - the moment it hits the top of the page/section (“Chat”) it becomes fixed and follows the user and does not interfere with the footer.

  • Goes back to its original location when scrolling back to header seamlessly

Images provided below as well as preview.

Go to > CleanSpeak Use Cases

Preview Link:

Much appreciated!


Like this bad boy!


Lug nut … FIXED IT!

For all of you down the road looking for a resource like this …

You’re welcome!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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